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About Us

Hear from the students, explore new ideas, open up  perspectives. 

Our mission is to empower young international students living in Japan, enabling them to have their own opinions and take on leadership roles. We strive to provide a platform for students to connect, offer support, and find inspiration.


The main objective of our organization is to connect students with an international mindset and become part of the global community. Our organization is open to everyone, regardless of educational background, gender, sexual orientation, race, or nationality. We aim to create a welcoming environment for anyone who wants to express their views on social issues and controversial topics.


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Riku Kubota 

Age: 18

Interests: Economics and Business

Growing up in the United States, I was exposed to and engaged with individuals from a variety of cultures and world-views. This interaction directed me towards engaging with diverse viewpoints and perspectives, ultimately inspiring me to initiate this blog. 

Through my experiences in various ethnic environments, I would like to inspirit future generations, especially in Japan, to open up their perspective towards the global environment and develop interests towards the subject of economics and business. 

窪田 陸





Managing Editor 

Maki Umeki

Age: 18

Interests: Psychology and Performing Arts

Coming from an international background, growing up in South Korea, and studying in Japan, I was able to occupy myself in a global environment, often being struck with new cultures and various perspectives. However, observing the impediment “differences“between people from all around the globe, I realized that the only way to create a society where people can peacefully live is to make a trustworthy relationship with other countries, ultimately collaborating to resolve social issues. With this, I decided to initiate the blog alongside the editor-in-chief to contribute to a society where people can realize real global issues they are facing and create a cooperative environment where students who desire to share their opinions and knowledge can do so freely. 

My blogs will be centered around raising awareness about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through the educational articles, I aspire to motivate younger Japanese generations to become interested in this subject that is vital to creating a global, collaborative community across boundaries.

梅木 真希



Copying Chief

Ryo Shibata

Age: 18

Interests: Data Science and Statistics

Being half Taiwanese and half Japanese, I have been living in Tokyo for the past 15 years, where I have been exposed to an international and musical environment and have cherished the moments of sharing cultural values and beliefs through the power of music. 


Through my musical background and interest in STEM subjects, I hope to combine these subjects and use the latest artificial intelligence technology to analyze the process of collaboration and dissemination related to musical works and styles, opening new doors for people to understand and appreciate cultural differences through music and art.

柴田 諒





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